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SCET - Modules Developed


Tutorial Module

In this module a tutorial is run wherein the crew can answer questions from multiple choice answers and if the right answer is not provided in 3 attempts, the software enlightens the candidate about the correct answer.

Administrative Module

In this module the administrator can create the various ranks, subjects, questions with answers (with or without pictures, animations, etc.), test papers, generate print-outs of test results, etc.

Test Module

In this module the candidate takes the actual test. No answers are provided to the candidate but the candidate can move to the next question should the answer of the present question not be known to the candidate. Once the candidate reaches the end of the test paper and there is still time available to complete the test, the candidate is presented with the questions that have been left un-answered initially.

Once the time allotted for the test is exhausted, the candidate's test is ended and the test results are evaluated by the administrator.


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