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Welcome to Silvodel Solutions
- a technology company whose key focus lies in being innovative by providing creative solutions to the most challenging IT problems while offering our services to those organizations desirous of customizing their operations or establishing their presence on the world wide web by using cutting-edge technology.

Our focus has been towards development of a customized Crew Management Database System titled - "CrewsAlong" - a software ideally suited to organizations whose prime activity is sourcing and rotation of personnel for employment on board merchant navy ocean-going ships.

While "CrewsAlong" is definitely our flagship product to date, the shipping industry is not the sole focus of our operations. Over the years, we have developed, designed and implemented software applications, web sites, etc. to cater to different industries like education, hospitality management, financial services, logistics and so on.

Our Products


A Crew Database Management System.

Seafarerís Competency Evaluation & Training Software (SCET)
Software to test decision making ability of the crew and their theoretical knowledge.

Major Customized Projects Executed

College Operations Management
This project has been developed and customized to meet the specific requirements of one of India's leading educational institutes, namely, the St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

Hospitality Management Software
This project has been developed and customized to meet the specific requirements of an institute that is more than 50 years old, namely, the Indian Sailor's Home Society, Mumbai.


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